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Our newest product that we offer is log siding. We offer our siding in both cedar and pine. We offer three different types of siding with several different instalation styles.

The first siding that we will offer is an inch thick board at six inches wide. All of our siding comes in eight foot lengths This board is a versatile board that can be used on the inside or outside of an existing wall, whether it is nailed over the existing paneling or over a sheet of plywood. To finish the look you can choose whether to caulk or not. There are also several options that can be used when putting in light switches and plugs. Since the boards are only an inch thick they can be ground around the plugs to give them a recessed look. We have used this method and recommend it. Another method is to bring the switches to the surface and mount it flush.

The second version of siding that we offer is just about the same as the first except that it is two inches thick. This can also be used inside and outside but this version is more popularly used on the exterior of the house. Its thicker cut makes it appear more like a full log. We do suggest that this version be caulked and that the switch plates be brought to the surface.

The final version of our siding is our most popular. This is what we call split log. This is not a preset depth siding but an actual log cut in half. As these are put up the ends must be matched as close as possible and then ground to match. Again this can be used on the inside and outside. This version can be caulked or chinked. This is the only chinkable version because of its thickness. When this is put on the house you cannot tell that it is half log unless you are in the business. It has a great appearance and can make any house into a log home. There are some options that come with split log. When it comes to corners two styles can be used, either the upright log style that is the choice of Otsego Log Homes or cross corners. For the upright style we will take a large log and cut a 90 degree section out of it like a pie piece. The piece that is left over can be placed on the corner with the split logs butted to it. With the cross log style, we saw a log in half all the way up to the last two feet which is left whole. When these are put on, the whole log sticks out past the house giving it the look of a true log home.

Below is a garage that we sided in Gaylord. This garage was originally covered in yellow aluminum siding that can be seen behind the firewood in the picture on the left, but that was removed and we covered it back with our 2" siding. Once we did this the garage blended in better with the house.