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Del Thomas Log Home Repair

Del Thomas Log Home Repair started out over 25 years ago when brothers Del Thomas and Kenny Thomas started repairing log homes on the weekends. They worked together for over ten years before they parted ways.

Del Thomas continued to do log home repair and even expanded to do additions and restorations (sandblasting to restore the wood and oiling to keep the logs from going bad again).

We continue to do all our work by hand. We get the logs directly form the woods and peel them by hand. We work mostly in cedar at 100"(8 ft) lengths. We peel the logs with the same drawknives that where used when most of the cabins in the area were built. Specialty logs that need to be sawed are done by us on the mill of Gary Pawson. We also caulk or chink your logs back when we replace them. For caulk we use a latex that is close to the color of the logs so that it blends. We chink with mortar. When we get done and the logs are refinished you won't be able to tell what we replaced. If you have a unique interior on your log home we can split the log length ways so that we don't disturb it.

Due to popular demand we are now proud to offer a line of log siding. We offer three types of log siding to be used on the interior or exterior of your home. We offer 1x 6x 8, 2x 6x 8 and full split log. The split log siding comes either as straight siding or with cross corner ends. To achieve the cross corners you will receive several pieces that are shaped like an L where the log was sawed all the way to the last 2 feet and then the last two feet was left whole. We also will install the siding if your home is in our coverage area. Interstate shipping is available in certain cases. If you would like to know more please look at our Siding section.

Services Offered

-1 Inch Thick 6 Inches Tall 8 Feet Long
-2 Inch Thick 6 Inches Tall 8 Feet Long
-Full split log or a whole log split in half
-Sandblasting Nozzles

Our Team

Del Thomas, Owner
Linda Thomas, Secretary (Wife)
Evan Thomas, Associate (Son)
Gary Pawson, Laborer (Father-in-law)
David Thomas, Laborer

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing quality, up-to-date service to your liking. We won't take a job unless we can do it right.

Customer Recommendation

"R ecently Del Thomas and his hard working crew worked miracles on our recently purchased group of log buildings. I had spent months trying to become an expert about log buildings, and old ones, at that. Years of varnish had been applied, logs were rotting. We had a mess on our hands. Our goal was to get them stripped and apply the correct breathable stain. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet, but it was overwhelming.
Not only is it difficult to find people who can do this quite extraordinary work, but the range in pricing is huge. After one bad choice, we were lucky to find Del.
Del's sensible approach, and straight forward information was a breath of fresh air. He knows what he is doing. He does what he says he will, when he says he will. It was truly a miracle. And now we have several beautiful log cabins with a cleaned up healthy finish on them, ready to face the elements for many more years.


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David Masud

Dear Del:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working wonders on our family cottage. Words cannot expresss how very pleased we are with the wonderful transformation that you and your crew completed. Although you said from the very beginning that it could be done, it was hard to imagine that our family cottage, particularly in its then current condition, could have possibly turned out so great.
It is truly a pleasure dealing with someone who not only did what they said they were going to do, and on time, but actually exceeded all promises and expectations. You and your crew are truly craftsmen of the highest caliber, and were all an absolute pleasure to deal with during our restoration. (We particularly appreciate your tolerance and patience with our changing our minds and adding to the project!)
Del, I know you keep really busy, but if I can ever be a reference on behalf of your company with a prospective client, please do not hesitate to forward my contact information. We researched and interviewed several log home restorers before selecting you. We most obviously made the right choice and will forever be in your thanks for the time and attention you gave in bringing the Masud family cottage back to life. Not only does the cabin look fantastic, but we now have the certainty of knowing that it has been rehabilitated and restored so our family's future generations can continue its enjoyment.
With greatest appreciation I remain,
David Masud

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Dan Beer

M y wife and i have owned our log cabin since 1988. It was originally built in 1947 by Otsego Log Homes. We first contacted Del Thomas to replace some damaged logs and were extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the work. When we decided to put on a bedroom-bathroom addition we again called Del to do the work. He matched the rest of the cabin perfectly and even moved four windows to the new addition from the original cabin. More recently, we have contracted Del to blast the cabin and put on his recommended finish. Having gone through the blasting and re-finishing process ourselves several years ago, we knew it was not something we were going to tackle again. Once again Del and his crew did a wonderful job. We have had first hand experience with the quality of Del Thomas Log Home Repair in the areas of replacement, new construction, and refinishing. we will be glad to talk to anyone considering Del and his team for work on their home or cabin
I will never forget Del's comment to us when he was first quoting the job. He said "I am confident you will like our work, if you don't.....Don't pay me...."

That says it all

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