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Roof Repair

This job was a restoration and cold-roof job. The roof had a sway of over 8 inches in the middle from a previous owner cutting a rafter in half to install a stovepipe. we also found the roof was severely out of square. We built what is called a cold roof which is a 2x6 framework over the existing roof, insulated for better heating and then shingled. This type of roof is also good for new construction with cathedral ceilings because it lets you have the looks of the open ceiling with the insulation of a standard roof. Due to the roof being weakened by the cutting of the rafter, we didn't want to add the extra weight to the roof without bracing it. From inside the house, we added Perlin (the logs running the length of the roof) and several braces up from the tie poles (the logs that run side to side at the base of the roof). The added supports raised the middle of the roof a couple of inches and will prevent the roof from sagging in the future.