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One of our more popular services that we offer is Restoration or Sandblasting. We use a black slag in our sandblaster to peel the old paint, stain, varnish or other log covering off of your house and then we re-oil the house. Through the many years that we have been doing log home repair, the ones that have been in the best shape were the homes that were oiled and not sealed. We generally use an oil mixture of half clear and half Cedar to tone down the color of the oil and give the home a more natural look. If another color is preferred we mix a solid stain in with the oil to give it a tint and not totally cover the grain of the logs. When we are done, the homes we work on look better and stand a better chance against the elements. Also with this service we re-chink or caulk the house to help renew and reseal it. We follow this up by soaking the house in a product that makes it bug-, rot-, and mildew-resistant. Below are a couple of pictures of houses we have restored. The pictures show the houses as they go through the sandblasting process.

This little cabin was located near Gaylord and was painted with a multicoat paint. The purpose of the product was to seal the logs in and give them the look of log grain. The product sounds great in theory but within five years it looks like the first picture below with the paint peeling off in big slabs. The product does not expand and contract with the wood causing it to crack and allow water in. The product holds the moisture in the log causing it to rot the wood. This product comes off hard but it usually comes off clean. Once we cleaned the logs, we repaired the caulk with a Mortar White synthetic mortar and oiled the whole cabin with a mixture of half clear and half cedar.

B elow there is a picture of an oil sample that we placed on a home for the owner to pick from. We do this to all homes we restore so that the owner can see how the oil takes to their home as each home reacts differently to the coloring. Most homes will come close to the samples below.