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The following pictures are of a cabin in the Gaylord area. When we got to this cabin the whole wall shown was covered in plywood. This is often done when homeowners start to see signs of rot. The new logs that we put in this house were all Cedar and they were either whole or half logs, depending on how deep the rot went into the logs. These logs, once oiled or stained to match the color of the cabin, will blend so that you cannot tell they are new logs. We have seen houses that were rotted so badly that we could remove the logs with our hands. Any house can be restored as long as the foundation is good.

T he picture below is of a cabin we restored. The owners wanted to take out two windows in the front of the house that viewed into the front porch. As you can now see below, you can't tell where the windows once were. Since there was an uneven size in the logs on each side of the window, we replaced them all the way from the wall to the door. The color of the cabin before restoration can be seen on the garage in the background.